flores, quos in flore sempiterno

Common questions and information you may like to know about your purchases.

Are the flowers real?

Yes. The flowers in all our arrangements are real fresh flowers. Our special perseveration methods preserve the flowers to ensure they last for years.

How long will they last?

Generally the roses will last more than a year and if taken well care of will last many years ahead.

Do you deliver on weekends?

We use third party delivery systems to ensure the fastest delivery. We do deliver on weekends however this may incur a surcharge.

How to I take care of my flowers?

There are some very basic things to ensure the longevity of your flowers. Avoid sunlight, heat, or moisture and in cool place if possible. Always keep the glass cover sealed to ensure no air us omitted into the dome.

What size is the single red rose dome available in?

Our most popular long lasting rose comes in two sizes.

  • 8-9cm
  • 9-10cm